Since 2013, I have been teaching in the Department of Philosophy at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA. Prior to arriving here, I was an associate professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Louisiana State University where I taught for seven years.  I received my Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Virginia.  I also have an MA from Oxford, and a bachelors degree from Yale.  I teach classes in moral and political philosophy–including applied and professional ethics–philosophy of law, and philosophy of religion.

I’m also the Director of Internships for Westmont Downtown’s Semester in Social Entrepreneurship, a fantastic off-campus program of Westmont College that aims to equip students with the broad intellectual and practical skills to make a difference in their communities.

When I am not pondering eternal philosophical questions, I try to stay fit by running or cycling, and enjoy cooking and food. In another life, I wish I could have been Django Reinhardt.  My wife, Felicia, is a sociologist who studies the social effects of mass media technologies.  (I expect she is very glad that she is NOT married to Django Reinhardt!)  Our two children, Hannah and Eli, are spectacularly winsome.


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